Novice 2

9-12 years old as of December 31, 2017
3 sessions/week

The Novice 2 Group consists of 1st or 2nd year competitive swimmers that compete in 1-2 day competitions once a month on average. This group trains 3 times a week until the end of June.

Workout Schedule

The 2017-2018 schedule for this group is tentative and subject to change
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
PM 5:45-7:00pm


This schedule includes all Dryland and Swim times.
First Workout: Full Schedule begins on Sept. 18th
Year End: End of June, 2018

Swimmers are asked to be on deck 15 minutes prior to the start time of each training session.


Caity Dyck

Caity Dyck
Novice Program Co-ordinator

Caity has spent her whole life around pools, competing with various clubs in Ontario before transitioning to Triathlons and marathons in university! She has spent the last five years as a Masters Swim and Triathlon Coach at the YMCA, and is excited to be back on the deck with kids again!

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Coach TBD

Coach TBD



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