11 years & over as of December 31, 2019
3 sessions/week

The Intermediate Group is for swimmers, 11 years and older, that want to continue developing their swimming strokes and build swimming fitness but not necessarily compete at meets. This is also for young triathletes working on improving their swimming skills. Unlike the competitive swim groups, Intermediate swimmers will not be entered automatically in meets and must follow an opt-in or sign-up process for each meet they want to join.

Workout Schedule

The 2019-2020 schedule for this group is tentative and subject to change.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


PM 4:00-5:00 UW
4:00-5:00 UW    4:45-6:45 CH    

CH = Cameron Heights Pool, 301 Charles St. East, Kitchener
UW = University of Waterloo PAC

This schedule includes all Dryland and Swim times.
First Workout: Full Schedule begins the week of September 16, 2019
Year End: June 21, 2020

Swimmers are asked to be on deck 15 minutes prior to the start time of each training session.


Coach TBD

Candis Bell

Candis first started teaching swimming for the City of Kitchener aquatics over 10 years ago. She started coaching the masters swim program in 2013 then switched over to running the adult and youth swim techniques programs in 2016. Candis has spent her summers, since starting university in 2012, travelling the region and privately coaching over 20 families. She firmly believes in correcting strokes through: drills, drills and more drills! With her years of experience, Candis has acquired a drill for every technique problem and every swim type. Candis is excited to be back for her second year of coaching the intermediate group here at Club Warriors!

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