Included in ALL group fees:

  • Training time
  • Swim Ontario registration fees
  • Swimming Canada registration fees
  • Applicable taxes
  • CW t-shirt and swim cap

The fees for the 2019-2020 season are as follows:

Group Registration Fee
Due 15th of August
Training Fee
Training Fee Installment
Due Date
Intro  $  25 $   540 3 x $180.00 15th of September
15th of December
31st of March
Novice 1 $200 $1,030 8 x $128.75 15th of Sep - Apr $100
Novice 2 $200 $1,275 8 x $159.38 15th of Sep - Apr $100
$250 $1,350 8 x $168.75 15th of Sep - Apr $100
Age Group 1 $200 $1,640 8 x $205.00 15th of Sep - Apr $100
Age Group 2 $200 $2,130 8 x $266.25 15th of Sep - Apr $200
Age Group 3 $250 $2,800 8 x $350.00 15th of Sep - Apr $200
Age Group 4 $250 $3,000 8 x $375.00 15th of Sep - Apr $200
$250 $2,800 8 x $350.00 15th of Sep - Apr $200
Junior Elite $250 $3,550 8 x $443.75 15th of Sep - Apr $300
Elite $250 $4,360 8 x $545.00 15th of Sep - Apr $300

Please Note:

The one-time Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Monthly installments are due by postdated cheques by September 15 or the first week of workouts.

Training fees paid through PayPal will be subject to a 3.1% surcharge to recover our transaction fees associated with this payment type.

If the annual training fee is paid by September 25, there is a 5% discount on the total amount. This Early Payment Discount applies to payments made by cheque only.

Families with more than one athlete enrolled in our program (NOT including Intro) can benefit from our Multi-Swimmer Family Discount:

  • Swimmer in highest group pays FULL training fee
  • 10% discount on training fee of second swimmer
  • 15% discount on training fee of successive swimmers
  • Intro swimmers are NOT eligible for this discount

Families with multiple swimmers also get a 50% discount on the Fundraising Commitment for their second and third swimmers with the discounts being applied to the lowest levels. The maximum Fundraising Commitment per family is $400. Payments must be made by cheque separately from your training and other fees.

Meet Fees

Competition costs are determined by host clubs and will be billed to your member account separately, usually one week prior to the meet start date. Travel costs are not included. A CW splash fee will be added to the cost of each meet, to a maximum of $10 per day, to cover coaching costs. Additional fees will apply to out of region and/or team travel meets.

CW Family Participation Program

CW is a volunteer based, non-profit organization that relies on the involvement of our member families in all facets of the club’s activities. We are looking for families to meet the combined minimum volunteer and official certification requirements (per family) over the course of the season as outlined in the CW Family Participation Program.