Age Group 1

7-9 years old as of December 31, 2019
3 sessions/week

Age Group 1 consists of competitive swimmers that can perform the basics of all swim strokes and compete in 1-day or 2-day competitions once a month on average. This group trains three times a week until the end of June.

Workout Schedule

The 2019-2020 schedule for this group is tentative and subject to change

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


 9:00-11:00 UW
5:30-7:30 UW

 5:30-7:15 UW


This schedule includes all Dryland and Swim times.
First Workout: Full Schedule begins the week of September 16, 2019
Year End: June 21, 2020

Swimmers are asked to be on deck 15 minutes prior to the start time of each training session.


Coach Lexi

Lexi Meklensek

Lexi has been swimming for the better part of 16 years. Having joined Club Warriors during its first year in 2008, she has competed at regional, provincial, and national levels. She then went on to swim for the Western Mustangs for the next four years. She recently graduated from Western and Fanshawe in the Media Theory and Production Program and currently works for Rogers. Lexi brings nine years of coaching experience to Warriors, after getting her coaching start back in 2010 in the intro program, the London Aquatic Club, Excel Swim School, and in Montreal. She is excited to be back at her home pool working with Hayley whom she had swam with for 12 years. Let’s go Warriors!

Fun Fact: She is much nicer after her first cup of coffee! Haha!

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Coach Hayley

Hayley Hess

Hayley joined Club Warriors during its very first year in 2008. She swam for CW at regional, provincial, and national meets including the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Trials. She then went on to swim for 5 years at Western University, where she was a member and co-captain of the varsity team. Hayley recently graduated from Western with a degree in Management and Organizational Studies, and is excited to be back in Waterloo at her home pool. Hayley has over 6 years of coaching and instructing experience, and is looking forward to sharing her passion for the sport.

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Allison Meklensek

Allison Meklensek

Coach Allison has been part of the competitive swimming world for more than 30 years. Her career began in Waterloo as both a club and university swimmer, and then as a coach. She worked at the Swim Ontario office and coached Regional and Provincial age group swimmers in Etobicoke. She also helped develop swimmers and coaches in Oakville heading up their Novice programs. Now, coming full circle, Coach Allison is back in Waterloo. She continues to work with and motivate children daily as a teacher and at her second home, the pool!

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