CW 5th at 2019 Western Region SC Champs

By: Tim Barichello - Mar. 07, 2019

Western Region Short Course Championships
Short Course
January/February 2019

Over the weekend of January 31-February 3, 2019, 56 Club Warrior swimmers competed in the “Western Region Short Course Champs” meet in London, Ontario. The Club Warrior team placed 5th out of 27 teams in overall scoring, taking home 51 medals (12 Gold, 23 Silver, and 16 Bronze) over the weekend.

In order for swimmers to participate in this competition they must meet the Western Region Championship Standards as posted on the Club Warriors Website ( and not surpass Festival Standards (which can also be found at the same link).

The following swimmers achieved Top 3 positions in individual events:

ARDELEAN, Filip Luca (Gold-2)
CAMERON, Benjamin (Gold-2)
HODSON, Evan (Gold-1, Silver-4, Bronze-1)
DONG, Merlyn (Gold-1, Silver-2)
WAGNER, Hannah (Gold-1, Silver-1, Bronze-1)
LOGAN, Quinlynn (Gold-1, Silver-1)
HOTHAZA, Diana (Gold-1, Bronze-2)
BELL, Tyler (Gold-1)
MARTON, Kaitlin (Silver-3)
REDDING, Michael (Silver-2, Bronze-2)
COBURN, Willow (Silver-2)
DREGHICI, Jessica (Silver-1, Bronze-1)
STEWART, Kieran (Silver-1, Bronze-1)
RUSU, Alexandru (Silver-1, Bronze-1)
JACKSON, Reid (Silver-1, Bronze-1)
BRACHO, Canek (Silver-1)
JAYABAHU, Dylan (Bronze-1)
MCDERMOTT, Keaton (Bronze-1)
YARUSEVYCH, Michael (Bronze-1)
NEUMANN, Adelaide (Bronze-1)
RONDILLA, Natalie (Bronze-1):

Those not listed above, but who achieved 100% personal best times in all of their swims or personal best times in at least 4 swims or more (not including relays), are:

DE SILVA, Thinula
WAGNER, Konrad
CHAN, Abigail
CHAN, Ariel
RIEL, Mackenna
XU, Jasmine
ZHAN, Lucy
ZUNIC, Elayna

Relay winning teams included:

Yarusevych M., Hodson E., Rusu A., Dong S. (Gold in 4x50m Freestyle)
Dong S., Rusu A., Jayabahu D., Hodson E. (Gold in 4x50m Medley)
Chan A., Logan Q., Zunic E., Pegg E. (Silver in 4x50 Freestyle and 4x50 Medley)
Bracho Q., Cameron B., Langman K., Cao F. (Bronze in 4x50m Medley)

This fantastic group of swimmers also combined for 212 out of 298 personal best times for a percentage of 71.1%, not including relay or split time laps.

Good luck to all swimmers in your upcoming meets and hopefully we will be sending even more than 56 Club Warrior Swimmers to the Western Region Long Course Champs meet being held in Windsor in May/June.

Full meet results: