CW wins Expressway Lincoln Fall Invitational

By: Tim Barichello - Jan. 10, 2019

Expressway Lincoln ACES Fall Invitational
Short Course
November 16-18, 2018

Over the weekend of November 16-18, 2018, swimmers from Elite, Junior Elite, Junior, AG4, AG3 and AG2 groups competed in the Wilmot Aquatic Aces Expressway Lincoln Fall Invitational swim meet in Baden, Ontario. Being the 2nd meet of the 2018/2019 season for most swimmers the Club Warrior team did not disappoint, easily winning the team title with 173 medals (68 Gold, 49 Silver, and 56 Bronze).

Due to sheer volume of medal winners, below is a list of Gold medal winners only (not including relays):

ARDELEAN, Filip Luca - 1 Gold
BELL, Tyler - 1 Gold
BRACHO, Canek - 5 Gold
BRACHO, Quitze - 6 Gold
CAMERON, Benjamin - 1 Gold
DE SILVA, Thinula - 2 Gold
FRIESEN, Ian - 3 Gold
HODSON, Evan - 1 Gold
LANGMAN, Kelton - 1 Gold
MCDERMOTT, Keaton - 1 Gold
PARK, Fergus - 2 Gold
PIRVU, Spencer - 3 Gold
CHAN, Abigail - 1 Gold
DREGHICI, Jessica - 2 Gold
KIM, Ellie - 1 Gold
LOGAN, Quinlynn - 3 Gold
MARTON, Kaitlin - 3 Gold
MEKLENSEK, Tori - 2 Gold
PAYNE, Grace - 4 Gold
SANSCARTIER, Sydney - 1 Gold
STEWART, Kieran - 1 Gold
TAYLOR, Grace - 1 Gold
THOMAS, Haley - 6 Gold
WILLIS, Avery - 3 Gold

To show that CW club not only has great individual swimmers, just look at the relay team results - 27 relay team entries and 22 medals (13 Gold). What an amazing achievement.

This fantastic group of swimmers also combined for 321 out of 448 personal best times for a percentage of 71.65%, not including those who were competing in first time events.

Special note to parents who may not be familiar with the Baden area. There is a nice little coffee shop down Gingerich Road (3 minutes from the pool) called the Baden Coffee Company that sells terrific speciality coffees and some delicious monster sized cookies. You’ll want to make note of this place the next time you are at a swim meet there. Just remember that it is not open on Sundays, which we unfortunately found out this time around.

Congratulations to all swimmers and good luck in your upcoming swim meets. Remember the season is a long one, and each race is a new start.

Full meet results: