CW at ROW Fall First Try

By: Tim Barichello - Nov. 06, 2018

ROW Fall First Try
Short Course
October 27, 2018

On October 27th, 2018, swimmers from Intermediate, AG1, AG2, AG3, and Junior groups competed in the ROW Fall First Try swim meet at Wilfrid Laurier University. This was a terrific opportunity for first time swim meet participants to experience the fun and enjoyment of competing in a swim competition. This was also great for some of the experienced swimmers to shake off some early season rust and build confidence going into the new 2018-2019 season. The Club Warrior Team consisted of 68 swimmers and took home 54 top-3 position medals. This one day local meet was certainly a welcomed experience for most parents who have become accustomed to driving long distances or even staying overnight for meets. However, this meet did come with its own level of unexpected excitement. Midway thru the event after the swimmers had all had a chance to swim in one or more events, the fire alarm bells began to ring. At first thought there was hope that this was just an over emphasized bell race (this is where the winner of the heat wins a small prize), but once the lifeguards started waving swimmers out of the pool and leading them off the deck that hope was dashed. The poor swimmers were then led outside into the cold and miserable weather with many barefoot or in flip-flops as parents scrambled to find their children to bring them a coat and make sure they were safe. This was a scary moment for some of the younger competitors who could be seen in tears. Thank you to all the coaches who made sure all the swimmers were accounted for and to all the parents who brought cold, shaking children into warm cars or the local residence building that was eventually opened. Once the fire department completed their check of the facility, the swimmers were led back on deck and the races continued.

The swim meet was set up to allow swimmers to compete in a maximum of 4 events with the top 6 point getters in each age group swimming in a 100m IM for medals (top 3) and ribbons for the remaining 3. Special congratulations goes to the following individuals who qualified for this medal race with their placement in brackets...fantastic work:

Spencer Pirvu (SILVER) - Men, 10 years and younger
Merlyn Dong (GOLD) - Men, 11-12 years
Reid Jackson (4th) - Men, 11-12 years
James Gohl (5th) - Men, 13-14 years
Quinlynn Logan (GOLD) - Women, 10 years and younger
Elizabeth Coode (BRONZE) - Women, 10 years and younger
Abigail Chan (5th) - Women, 10 years and younger
Mila Zubac (6th) - Women, 10 years and younger
Grace Taylor (BRONZE) - Women, 11-12 years
Isabella Barichello (4th) - Women, 11-12 years
Lucy Zhan (6th) - Women, 11-12 years
Serena Xu (GOLD) - Women, 13-14 years
Megan Sherlock (BRONZE) - Women, 13-14 years
Sydney Sanscartier (4th) - Women, 13-14 years
Elle Cumming (6th) - Women, 13-14 years

The 68 swimmers combined for 155 out of 195 personal best times for a percentage of 79.49%, not including those who were competing in first time events.

The following swimmers achieved 100% personal best times in all 4 or 5 of their races:

DONG, Shangjia (Merlyn)
LI, ZeYi
ZHANG, Daniel
BRACHO, Nantli
CHAN, Abigail
RIEL, Mackenna
XU, Serena

Special thanks to the coaches who not only did a fantastic job preparing our swimmers for this meet, but also for controlling the large number of athletes competing (68) and getting them in line for each of their events. It should also be noted that all swimmers did a great job representing the CW team by displaying tonnes of encouragement for teammates and great sportsmanship to all swimmers and officials.

Congratulations to all swimmers and good luck in your upcoming swim meets. Remember to train hard and have fun.

Full meet results: