CW Scores Big at John Grootveld Invitational

By: Elly Bradley - May. 24, 2018

John Grootveld Sr Invitational
April 28-29, 2018

The Athletic Centre at the University of Toronto was packed with swimmers on Saturday April 28th and 29th. The drive up Saturday was relatively uneventful but on Sunday, early morning commuters had the pleasure of driving to Toronto in the snow! What a Spring we had.

Once again, Toronto Swim Club was an amazing host and our CW swimmers had a great time. Many swimmers placed in the top 5 and we had a total of 3 new club records set by Alexandru Rusu and Haley Thomas.

Next up is the Hicken Meet in Markham, Top Cup in Etobicoke and Rally for Regionals in Guelph.

Elite and Jr. Elite:
Most of the Elite and Jr. Elite swimmers participated in the John Grootveld Sr meet as preparation for competitions to come. Some swimmers who competed at the Eastern Nationals had this meet “off”.

Coach Russ Franklin: “Even though we are 7 months into our Season, the Grootveld meet is our first meet after our Championship meets like Provincial, Nationals and Eastern Nationals. For us it was like a “Pre-Season Game” trying to stay Race Ready and having the opportunity to swim off Events.”

Excellent overall early long course racing meet brought on by terrific attendance during the 'shutdown' period workouts held at Cameron Heights. All meters...lots of good morning swims....great job group...lots to build on from here!

  • 70/84 best times = 83%
  • 1st place finishes (2 Ariel, 1 Natalie, 2 Kieren, 4 Haley)
  • 2nd place finishes (1 Filip, 1 Emma, 1 Ethan, 1 Haley, 2 Tara)
  • 3rd place finishes (1 Filip, 1 Natalie, 1 Haley, 1 Athan, 2 Tara) 1
  • Club Record - Haley Thomas - 50 Fly

The AG3 swimmers had a great long course meet at Grootveld.

  • 88/98 = 90% best times
  • 1st place finishes = 3 (Willow 2, Cristian 1)
  • 2nd place finishes = 14 (Luc 4, Ellie 1, Evan 3, James 1, Jessica 3, Cristian 2)
  • 3rd place finishes = 8 (James 1, Willow 1, Cristian 1, Konrad 1, Luc2, Diana 2)

This was the first long course meet for many swimmers in AG2. They did a great job! Alexandru Rusu set two new club records in the 50 breast and 100 breast! He placed first in both of these events. Dylan Jayabahu qualified for his first Festivals, in the 200 Back.


100% Best Times
Filip Ardelean
Andrei Ciorogariu
Trestan Hunt
Luc Landry
Spencer Pirvu
Alex Rusu
Athan Turner
Konrad Wagner
Michael Yarusevych
Ariel Chan
Willow Coburn
Elizabeth Coode
Diana Hothaza
Elisabeth Koleva
Quinlynn Logan
Sara Madina
Kaitlin Marton
Grace Payne
Haley Thomas
Hannah Wagner
Noe Wong
Tara Wong
Lucy Zhan
Mila Zubac
75%-99% Best Times
Ben Chandler
Merlyn Dong
Ian Friesen
Cameron Morrissey
Kieran Stone
Emma Darrigan
Claire Helsby
Nathalie Rondilla
Sydney Sanscartier
Kieran Stewart
First LC Meet (excluding Turbo Charge)
Gabriel Ciorgariu
Quinn Fitzgerald
Reid Jackson
Dylan Jayabahu
Keaton McDermott
Connor Morrissey
Isabella Barichello
Nantli Bracho
Abigail Chan
Elle Cumming
Ellie Kim
Phoebe Luo
Mackenna Riel
Claire Schmidt
Megan Sherlock
Sammi Wang

Top 8 Results

Event Winners       Medal Winners     New Club Record

Filip Ardelean 14 50Fr 5th 200Fr 3rd 50Bk 6th 100Bk 2nd 100Fl 5th
Canek Bracho 16 50Fr 1st 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 1st 200Bk 2nd 50Br 1st 50Fl 3rd
Benjamin Cameron 16 100Fr 7th 200Fr 8th 100Bk 2nd

Benjamin Chandler 14 100Br 8th 200Br 6th 50Fl 5th

Andrei Ciorogariu 12 200Fr 6th 50Bk 4th 200Bk 5th 50Fl 5th 100Fl 6th
Cristian Ciorogariu 12 50Fr 1st 100Fr 2nd 200Fr 2nd 100Bk 4th 50Fl 3rd 100Fl 5th
Thinula De Silva 14 50Bk 3rd 100Bk 1st 200Bk 2nd 50Br 1st 100Br 4th 200Br 5th
Merlyn Dong 11 50Fr 3rd 200Fr 6th 50Bk 1st 100Bk 1st 50Fl 3rd
Quinn Fitzgerald 10 50Fr 5th 100Fr 6th 50Bk 8th 50Br 8th 50Fl 2nd
Ian Friesen 15 50Bk 2nd 100Bk 1st 200Bk 1st 50Br 5th 100Br 7th 200Br 7th
James Gohl 13 50Br 3rd 100Br 2nd 50Fl 7th

Evan Hodson 11 50Fr 2nd 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 2nd

Reid Jackson 10 50Bk 5th 100Bk 3rd 50Fl 5th

Dylan Jayabahu 10 50Bk 4th 100Bk 7th 200Bk 7th 100Fl 2nd 200IM 5th
Luc Landry 12 50Fr 2nd 100Fr 3rd 200Fr 3rd 50Br 2nd 50Fl 2nd 100Fl 2nd
Nathan Landry 15 100Fr 4th 50Br 3rd 100Br 3rd 100Fl 3rd

Jack Lu 12 200Fr 7th 50Bk 3rd 100Br 5th

Ethan McDougall 14 50Br 2nd 50Fl 8th

Cameron Morrissey 10 50Fr 7th 100Br 4th 50Fl 6th 200IM 8th

Connor Morrissey 12 50Br 8th

Spencer Pirvu 9 100Fr 2nd 200Fr 4th 50Bk 2nd 200Bk 4th 50Fl 1st 200IM 2nd
Michael Redding 14 50Fr 1st 200Fr 5th 100Bk 7th 50Fl 3rd

Alexandru Rusu 10 100Fr 3rd 50Bk 6th 50Br 1st (43.68) 100Br 1st (1:36.80) 50Fl 4th 200IM 3rd
Kieran Stone 15 50Bk 5th 50Br 6th 200Br 8th 200Fl 2nd

Athan Turner 12 50Fl 3rd

Konrad Wagner 12 50Br 3rd

Michael Yarusevych 11 50Fr 5th 100Fr 3rd 200Fr 8th 50Br 2nd 100Br 5th 50Fl 5th

Nantli Bracho 11 50Bk 6th 50Br 8th 50Fl 4th

Ariel Chan 12 50Fr 7th 100Fr 6th 50Br 1st 100Br 7th 50Fl 1st
Willow Coburn 10 100Fr 5th 200Fr 1st 50Br 4th 50 Fl 1st 100Fl 3rd 200IM 6th
Elizabeth Coode 10 50Fl 5th 100Fl 5th

Emma Darrigan 13 50Fr 4th 50Bk 2nd 50Br 6th

Jessica Dreghici 10 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 2nd 200IM 2nd

Gillian Fabian 14 50Fl 4th 100Fl 4th

Jaelyn Hall 15 100Fr 7th 200Fr 3rd

Claire Helsby 15 100Br 6th

Diana Hothaza 11 100Fr 6th 200Fr 5th 400Fr 4th 50Bk 3rd 50Br 3rd 100Br 4th
Ellie Kim 12 200Bk 7th 50Fl 2nd

Katherine Liu15 50Bk 6th

Quinlynn Logan 10 50Bk 3rd 100Bk 2nd 200Bk 5th 50Fl 2nd 100Fl 4th 200IM 5th
Phoebe Luo 13 50Bk 8th

Sara Madina 10 100Fr 7th 200Fr 8th

Kaitlin Marton 12 400Fr 7th 100Br 6th

Adelaide Neumann 14 50Fl 8th 100Fl 7th 200Fl 7th

Grace Payne 14 100Fr 4th

Sophie Richard 15 50Bk 7th

Mackenna Riel 12 50Bk 8th

Natalie Rondilla 14 100Fr 8th 50Bk 4th 50Br 3rd 100Br 1st

Jannah Saad 14 100Bk 3rd 50Fl 7th

Kieran Stewart 13 50Br 1st 200Br 1st

Grace Taylor 12 50Fl 5th

Haley Thomas 13 50Fr 1st 200Fr 1st 200Bk 1st 50Br 3rd 200Br 2nd 50Fl 1st (29.58)
Hannah Wagner 13 50Fr 8th 200Fr 6th 50Fl 7th 100Fl 8th 200Fl 6th
Avery Willis 14 100Bk 1st 200Bk 1st 100Br 3rd 200Br 1st

Noe Wong 10 50Fr 6th 50Bk 6th 100Br 4th 50Fl 4th

Tara Wong 12 50Fr 2nd 100Fr 3rd 200Fr 5th 400Fr 2nd 100Bk 6th 100Br 3rd
Lucy Zhan 11 50Bk 8th 100Br 8th

Vicky Zhan 14 50Br 5th 50Fl 6th 100Fl 8th

Mila Zubac 10 50Bk 8th

Yovana Zubac 16 50Fr 6th 100Fr 6th 200Fr 8th 50Fl 8th 100Fl 2nd 200Fl 1st

Full Results: