CW Rises to the Challenge at Audi Winter Classic

By: Elly Bradley / KF / AM - Feb. 06, 2018

Audi Midtown Winter Classic
January 19-21, 2018

The weather was fantastic and so were our CW competitors! Warrior members of the AG2(20) , AG3(18) & AG4 (14) groups travelled to the impressive TPASC facility at the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus on the weekend of January 19-21 to compete along with more than 1000 swimmers from around the province.


This was the AG2 swimmers first visit to one of Canada's premiere aquatic/multi-purpose facilities – a legacy of the 2015 Pan American games.

20 athletes attended the meet with the support of Coach Allison and Coach Hannah. The group swam to 79/116 (68%) best times with several swimmers competing in new events for the first time.

Merlyn Dong led the way for the group, capturing 3 gold and 1 silver medal, while swimming to 100% best times (6/6); teammate Alexandru Rusu also impressed with 3 golds and 5/6 best times.

Other medal winners included Spencer Pirvu (silver), Cameron Morrissey (bronze) and Reid Jackson (bronze and all top 10 placings).

Additional 100% best time performers included: Claire Schmidt (5/5), Spencer Pirvu (3/3), Quinlynn Logan (6/6), Trestan Hunt (6/6), Nathan Huang (3/3), Quinn Fitzgerald (3/3) and Isabella Barichello (5/5).

Other strong performances were turned in by Keaton McDermott (5/6), Dylan Jayabahu (5/6), Nantli Bracho (4/6).

We have a number of new qualifiers for the AG2 group as well. For Regionals: Trestan Hunt and Keaton McDermott. For Festivals: Alex Rusu!

“I am proud of how the group handled the competition. It is larger than any we have been to before. Instead of being psyched out, everyone rose to the challenge, setting many new personal bests and showing their maturity and hard work. Way to go!!"


15 swimmers from AG3 swam the early morning sessions along with AG2, while 3 athletes from AG3 joined the AG4 squad swimming Friday evening and Sat/Sun afternoons.

Overall AG3 swam to 89% personal bests (86/97) with podium performances coming from the 10&U girls. Shout outs to Willow Coburn 1 silver, 1 bronze; Jessica Dreghici – gold, silver, bronze; and Diana Hothaza – 1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze – competing in her final meet as a 10&U. Luc Landry captured bronze in the 200 fly – swimming to his first Festivals standard as a 12-year-old.

In addition to the medal winners, 8 other swimmers represented the Warriors with 100% best times: Evan Hodson, Ellie Kim, Elisabeth Koleva, Sara Madina, Megan Sherlock, James Gohl, Sydney Sanscartier and Serena Xu. Strong meets were also turned in by Lucy Zhan (5/6), Konrad Wagner (5/6), Mackenna Riel (5/6), Cristian Ciorogariu (5/6), and Andrei Ciorogariu (4/6).


All 14 swimmers from the AG4 squad competed through the weekend, with ten swimmers in the long course format (13 & Older) and four 12&U girls in the short course early morning format. The group overall swam to 75% best times (62/83) through the weekend competition. Haley Thomas captured 2 gold, 2 silver and nipped the Warrior Club record (11/12 girls- previously held by Avery Willis) in the 200IM; Tara Wong added 1 silver and 2 bronze, while adding two new events to her Festivals schedule (50fr/400fr); Kieran Stewart added a Festivals standard in the 400fr (silver) and Filip Ardelean waited patiently for the last event of the meet to grab a bronze and new Festivals standard in the 400IM.

100% Best times were turned in by: Ariel Chan (3/3), Athan Turner (8/8) and Kieran Stewart (6/6). Strong, solid overall performances also by: Kaitlin Marton (battling the flu bug- 2/3), Hannah Wagner (6/7), Natalie Rondilla (5/6), Adelaide Neumann (6/7), Ethan McDougall (7/8), Claire Helsby (5/6), and Filip Ardelean (5/7).

Overall, Coach Ken was pleased with the performances of our Warrior swimmers. Coming off training camp tired (or away on vacations)....the swimmers stood up and raced well against the competition and their personal bests. Time to tune-up, focus on improving what we can control, add some speed and rest to the mix and we'll be ready for our championship meets.

Stay tuned for the WOSA summary coming shortly. This will be followed by Festivals in Nepean (Feb 17-18) and then the Waterloo Region Cup in Wilmot and Provincials in Etobicoke to kick off March.

Full Meet Results - available from the Swimming Canada website:

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