CW Impresses at No Pain, No Gain Meet

By: KF - Oct. 31, 2017

No Pain – No Gain
University of Guelph
October 21-22, 2017

On the weekend of October 21-22, Warrior members of the AG3 group travelled to Guelph to compete in the annual 'NO Pain – NO Gain' invitational at the varsity pool on the campus of the University of Guelph. Lots of renovations continue around the pool, as the Gryphons continue upgrades on their athletic facilities.

This early season opportunity for the group included racing in the pool, as well as a session of dryland exercises in the gym. Thanks to Peter Hodson and Stephane Sanscartier for their assistance overseeing the gym events.

The Warriors showed off their early season run training by shining in the BEEP Test in the gym. Several Warriors were in the final 4 of their respective age-group heats and racking up impressive numbers of lines/laps. Other tests included push-ups and sit-ups for time.

Standouts in the BEEP TEST included:

Willow Coburn: 63
Jessica Dreghici: 73
Diana Hothaza: 82
Mackenna Riel: 68
Lucy Zhan: 91
Phoebe Luo: 60
Sydney Sanscartier: 60

Andrei Ciorogariu: 89
Cristian Ciorogariu: 81
Evan Hodson: 101
Luc Landry: 94
Konrad Wagner: 92
ZeYi Li: 85

In the pool, six swimmers in the group swam to 100% best times and overall the group was 79% (83/105) to open the season:

Serena Xu (3/3)
Sydney Sanscartier (3/3)
Mackenna Riel (6/6)
Sara Madina (6/6)
Phoebe Luo (6/6)
Andrei Ciorogariu (6/6).

“Big Drops” were recorded by several members in the group:

Willow Coburn (100 Fr -8.4 seconds)
James Gohl (200IM -16.5 seconds)
Evan Hodson (100Br -12.4)
Diana Hothaza (100Bk -16.6)
Luc Landry (100Br -7.2; 50Bk -8.5)
Elisabeth Koleva (50Fly -5.8)
Zeyi Li (100Fr, goggles off -7.0)
Phoebe Luo (100Fr -5.4; 100Bk -5.8)
Sara Madina (50Fly -5.3)
Mackenna Riel (100Br -8.2; 50Bk -11.4)
Sydney Sanscartier (100Fr -8.7, 100Bk -6; 100Br -6)
Megan Sherlock (200IM -21.3; 50Fly -4.2)
Grace Taylor (100Br -5.3)
Konrad Wagner (200IM -5.9)
Sammi Wang (100Bk -3.8)
Serena Xu (50Fly -17.9)
Lucy Zhan (50Fr -3.7)

Top Places (top 3) included:

Andrei Ciorogariu (2nd 100Fly, 1st FR relay)
Cristian Ciorogariu (1st 100Fr, 100Fly, 200 FR relay; 3rd 50Bk, 50Fr)
Willow Coburn (1st FR relay; 2nd 100Fr; 3rd 200IM, 50Fly, 50Bk)
Jessica Dreghici (1st 100Fr, FR relay, 50Bk; 2nd 50Fly, 200IM)
James Gohl (1st FR relay)
Diana Hothaza (1st 200IM, 100Br, 50Fly, 50Br,FR relay; 2nd 50Fr, 100Bk)
Luc Landry (1st 50Fly, FR relay), Sara (1st FR relay, 3rd 100Fr),

Both the 11/12 boys (Luc Landry, James Gohl, Cristian Ciorogariu, Andrei Ciorogariu) and the 10 & under girls (Jessica Dreghici, Sara Madina, Willow Coburn, Diana Hothaza) closed out the meet with impressive victories in the 4x50 Free relays.

Next up for the group – ACES Invitational on November 17-19 in nearby Wilmot.

Coach Ken
See you at the pool