CW Breaks Records at Hall of Fame Meet

By: RF - Oct. 18, 2017


The Annual Hall of Fame Meet at the Etobicoke Olympium marks the official start to the Club Warriors' competition schedule. The weekend of October 14-15 saw 40 swimmers from CW’s Elite, Jr. Elite and Age Group 4 squads compete for the first time this new 2017-18 season.

"The swimmers use this meet to shake off the 'rust' from 2 ½ months of not competing and to see where they are with regards to their performance times," said Head Coach Russ Franklin. The swim meet takes place over two days with 5-hour sessions each day. The events are of the shorter variety and are ideal to start the season. Franklin added, "Our goal is to build from competition to competition, focusing on Stroke Mechanics and Race Techniques, so the plan is to get better in our November competition in Wilmot."

There were a number of good races, best times and even Club Records for some of the CW swimmers who were not as 'rusty' as one would expect, going off the blocks for the first time this year!

Club Warriors Top 8 Results
Event Winners Medal Winners New Club Record

Filip Luca Ardelean 13 200Fr 7th 50Bk 8th 100Bk 5th

Tyler Bell 14 100Bk 6th

Canek Bracho 15 50Fr 1st (23.65) 100Fr 1st (52.34) 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 1st (27.23) 100Bk 1st (59.45) 100Fl 3rd
Quitze Bracho 13 50Fr 1st 100Fr 1st 200Fr 1st 100Bk 2nd 100Br 5th 100Fl 2nd
Benjamin Cameron 16 100Bk 8th

Felix Cao 15 50Fl 8th

Disala De Silva 16 50Fl 6th

Thinula De Silva 13 50Fr 2nd 100Fr 4th 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 1st 50Fl 1st 100Fl 3rd
Ian Friesen 14 50Fr 5th 100Fr 4th 200Fr 1st (1:58.04) 50Bk 5th 100Bk 5th 100Fl 7th
Nathan Landry 14 100Br 8th 100Fl 5th

Kelton Langman 15 100Bk 8th 100Fl 6th

Fergus Park 14 50Fr 8th 200Fr 6th 50Br 2nd (30.58) 100Br 2nd (1:07.46)

Andres Pas 14 50Br 3rd 100Br 5th

Michael Redding 14 50Br 8th 100Br 6th

Kieran Stone 14 50Fr 7th 100Fr 8th 200Fr 5th 50Bk 8th

Athan Turner 12 50Bk 6th

Sarah Chapman 15 200Fr 5th

Gillian Fabian 14 100Br 8th 50Fl 8th

Claire Helsby 14 50Br 8th

Kaitlin Marton 11 200Fr 3rd 50Br 3rd 100Br 3rd

Emily Masters 16 200Fr 7th 50Fl 7th

Tori Meklensek 15 50Fr 3rd 100Fr 5th 200Fr 1st 50Br 4th 50Fl 6th 100Fl 6th
Grace Payne 13 50Fr 5th 200Fr 1st 50Bk 3rd 100Bk 5th

Sophie Richard 15 50Fr 6th 100Fr 4th 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 8th 50Fl 5th 100Fl 5th
Natalie Rondilla 13 50Fr 8th

Jannah Saad 13 50Fr 6th 200Fr 2nd 50Bk 8th

Kieran Stewart 12 200Fr 6th 50Br 4th 100Br 6th

Avery Willis 14 50Fr 3rd 200Fr 4th 100Br 4th 50Fl 7th 100Fl 3rd (1:05.50)
Tara Wong 12 50Fr 6th 100Fr 7th 200Fr 4th 100Br 5th 100Fl 7th
Yovana Zubac 15 50Fl 4th 100Fl 7th

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