Message from Head Coach, Russ Franklin

By: RF - Aug. 28, 2017

Dear Club Warrior Members,

2017-18 CW Program

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the new 2017-18 Swim Session. Starting a new Season is always exciting for every Club Warrior member and coach and we welcome the challenges that lie ahead. Even though we are 3 weeks away, the Staff can’t wait to start, I hope the swimmers feel the same. We have made some positive changes to our Program this year. These changes were put in place to help meet the needs of our growing Club in terms of our enrollment, swimmer’s abilities and lane space.

The biggest change to our Program is the addition of a New Group, Age Group 4, coached by Ken Fitzpatrick (Also AG 3 coach). Not only does this new group offer a better progression into the Jr. Elite Program but it also allows smaller group numbers in the Advanced 1 and 2 groups. This translates into more pool space and more attention from the coach. For the Advanced 2 group, we are excited to have Alana Corrigan take over from Ken. Alana is a former National Level Swimmer, Laurier grad and last year did an excellent job coaching the Advanced 1 group. Allison Meklensek is back with her Age Group 1 & 2, no changes here.

Another meaningful change is the increase in training time for our Novice 2 swimmers. This group has received a 30% increase to their Program, making a better progression into the Age Group 1 Program. We have also appointed a Program Co-Ordinator for the Novice Groups. Caity Dyck has accepted the position and will be streamlining the entire Novice Program. She will also be working with the coaches to provide guidance and mentoring. Another big part of Caity’s position, is the communication with the parents.

Along with the changes mentioned above, CW has increased the training time for both the Elite and Jr. Elite Groups. As well, we have brought back the Weight Training for the Advanced 2 group.

Club Warriors would like to recognize our Partners who allows us to rent their facilities. We now are using 4 pools in KW to accommodate our expanding Club. CW thanks the University of Waterloo, Breithaupt Community pool, the Swimplex pool and Cameron Heights pool.

Every new Season, I ask myself “How are we going to top last year’s results?” The answer is complex but one thing I know for certain, swimming is a sport where we improve with commitment and effort!

See you on deck in September.

Russ Franklin
Head Coach Club Warriors