CW at Waterloo Region Cup

By: KF - Mar. 06, 2017

Members of E/JrE/Ad2/AG123 travelled to the Waterloo Region Cup on the weekend of March 4-5. A smaller meet intended to support non-Regional qualifiers in completing the short course season, as well as giving Regional/Festival (non-Provincial Swimmers) a closing meet for some alternative events. Club Warriors were a force to be reckoned with grabbing 66 total podium positions (18-1st/22-2nd/26-3rd). Best time ribbons ran low (actually ran out) as many swimmers throughout the meet were setting personal bests all over the pool. Heat winnners received additional ribbons, while Bag Tags are due to still be distributed later next week. Congratulations to the entire CW contingent – especially those going 100% in best times and others who improved on previous bests set at Regional and Festival meets. It was also great to see our swimmers trying several events for the first time in their young swim careers.

Results Summary (JRE/E)

Podium Finishes:
1st – Disala De Silva (200Fly)/Thinula De Silva(100Fr)

Best Time Summaries (JRE/E 2/2, 100%);
100%: Disala De Silva (1/1)/Thinula De Silva (1/1)

Results Summary (AG3)

Podium Finishes:
1st – Tara Wong (200im, 100Br, 100Fly)/Grace Payne (200Fr/200Bk)/Evan Hodson (50Fly)/Emma Darrigan (100Fr)/Cristian Ciorogariu (50Bk)
2nd – Tara Wong (100bk, 200Fr)/Hannah Wagner (50Bk)/Kieran Stewart (200Bk)/Grace Payne (100Fr)/Evan Hodson (200Fly)/Jaelyn Hall (200Fr)/James Gohl (200Br)/Cristian Ciorogariu (200Fly)
3rd – Kieran Stewart (200Fr/100Bk)/Ethan McDougall (200Fly)/Jack Lu (50Fr)/James Gohl (200Fr)/Emma Darrigan (50Fr)/Cristian Ciorogariu (50Fly,50Br,100Fly)

Best Time Summaries(AG3 57/75, 76%):
100%: James Gohl (4/4)/Evan Hodson (2/2),/Shaoxi(Jerry) Luo (3/3)/Kaitlyn Marton (3/3)/Rebecca Savescu (5/5)/Kieran Stewart (4/4)

All others: Tara Wong (1//5)/Hannah Wagner (4/5)/Grace Payne (2/4)/Ethan McDougall (4/6)/Jack Lu (2/3)/ZeYi Li (3/4)/Ariel Chan (5/6)/Andrei Ciorogariu (5/6)/Cristian Ciorogariu (4/5)/Emma Darrigan (2/5)/Jaelyn Hall (4/5)

Results Summary (AD2)

Podium Finishes:
1st – Sumeet Thukral (100Fly)
2nd – Vicky Zhan (100Fly)/Sumeet Thukral (200Fly)/Madilyn Chenier (200Bk)
3rd – Kadi Zheng (50Fly)/Vicky Zhan (100Br)/Sumeet Thukral (50Bk)/Sophia Ketko (200Bk)/Bowen Lin (100Fly)

Best Time Summaries (AD2 39/56, 66%):
100%: Anuva Pal (5/5)

All others: Jessica Savescu (4/5)/Adelaide Neumann (3/4)/Ailidh MacKellar (3/6)/Bowen Lin (2/3)/Sophia Ketko (5/6)/Madilyn Chenier (2/5)/Sumeet Thukral (4/5)/Lauren White (4/5)/Vicky Zhan (4/6)/Kadi Zheng (3/6)

Results Summary (AG1)

Best Time Summaries (AG1 25/33, 76%):
100%: Abigail Chan (4/4)/Kaleb Hunt (3/3)/Reid Jackson (3/3)

All others: Clare Wagner (2/3)/Spencer Pirvu (6/7)/ Keaton McDermott (2/3)/Dylan Jayabahu (2/3)/Jacob Guo (1/4)/Nantli Bracho (2/3)

Results Summary (AG2)

Podium Finishes:
1st – Willow Coburn (100Br)/Jessica Dreghici (200IM)/Diana Hothaza (50Fr,100Fr,200Fr, 50Fly, 200Br)
2nd – Willow Coburn (200Fr)/Merlyn Dong (100Bk)/Jessica Dreghici (100Br/200Bk)/Konrad Wagner (50Fr,200Fr, 50Bk,50Fly)/Cameron Morrissey (100Br)/ Quinlynn Logan (200IM)
3rd – Willow Coburn (50Fr)/Merlyn Dong (100Br,200Fr,50Fr)/Jessica Dreghici (200Fr)/Diana Hothaza (200Bk)/Konrad Wagner (200Br)/Cameron Morrissey (200IM, 50Fly)/Quinlynn Logan (200Br,100Br)/Lucy Zhan (50Bk)

Best Time Summaries (AG2 60/81, 74%):
100% - Mila Zubac (3/3)/Lucy Zhan (3/3)/Megan Sherlock (5/5)/Willow Coburn (3/3)/Jessica Dreghici (6/6)

All others: Jasmine Xu (5/6)/Noe Wong (5/6)/Konrad Wagner (5/6)/Connor Morrissey (0/5)/Cameron Morrissey (5/6)/Quinlynn Logan (4/6)/Elizabeth Coode (3/5)/Merlyn Dong (4/5)/Diana Hothaza (3/6)/Trestan Hunt (4/6)/Elisabeth Koleva (2/4)