CW at the Skills & Thrills

By: RF - Nov. 14, 2016

Guelph Fall Skills & Thrills - November 13, 2016

CW's newest competitors take to the pool!

Sunday November 13 was the date of the Skills and Thrills meet at the University of Guelph pool.
This meet was attended by 65 Club Warrior swimmers from our Novice Programs and the swimmers from Age Group 1. The meet was the first competition of the year for these groups and for many it was the first meet EVER! For our swimmers, they did an amazing job in their events and for our coaches we saw what we need to work on in practice.

I would like to thank the coaches who did a great job marshaling or maybe better describe as “Herding” our swimmers to their events. To say it was chaotic is a bit of an understatement. I felt like I was on the floor at a sold out Rolling Stones concert.

There were a few of our new swimmers that were overwhelmed by the meet, mainly because of the number of swimmers present. They came to warm up in tears...but by the end they were strong and eventually fearless with big smiles on their faces. This experience will help make the next meet more enjoyable right from the start.

Speaking of Starts:
Some of the things that I think, collectively, we as parents” can start to do a better job of for next time;
  • Make sure your swimmer is on deck ready to go, at the predetermined time of warm up. There were a number of swimmers that came late or exactly at 8:00 am.

    "Don't be on Time - Be Early”!!!!

    You definitely have to be organized and have things planned out to make sure your little Warrior gets to the pool on time. Plan for Traffic. Plan for a long line at Tim Horton's. Plan on having difficulty parking.Plan on getting lost if it is your first time at the pool and in this past case.... plan on not being able to find the new locker rooms, I got lost myself!!!

  • Send your child with “Healthy Snack Foods”. Potato Chips or Doritos, cookies or cupcakes and soft drinks are not on the list of acceptable snack foods.

  • Your child will eventually lose something, it is part of the game. Taking care of your “stuff” is part of the Life Lessons we talk about. reduce the likely hood of losing something, Mark everything with your child's name on it. At the meet, there were 65 identical Warrior T-Shirts that were on and off the swimmers multiple times and no matter how careful you are to put your thing away, someone will be losing their shirt if their name is not on it.

  • No Shows are what we call in the business, swimmers who do not attend the meet, without doing the “scratchmyswimmer” email. If your child has been entered in the meet and for some reason can not attend, you must inform the coach before hand. Just not showing up is unacceptable.

The rest of the team will be competing at the Wilmot ACES meet this weekend (November 18) and the Novice-AG 1 groups will be competing in Burlington at the beginning of December. Please remember “leave the Cheetos at home”!

Russ Franklin
Go Warriors Go!